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Kalyana Loka is a dream.

A dream of beauty.
A dream of friendship.

A dream of creating something higher than our ordinary day-to-day consciousness.

Aristotle said that Beauty, Truth and the Good really are one and the same thing.
Kalyana Loka means “The Realm of Beauty”.

We recognise how creating a beautiful environment goes hand-in-hand with performing beautiful (ethical) actions.
We aim to give the gifts of stillness, peace and contentment to anyone visiting us for our events.
They’re gifts, they’re not for sale, everyone is welcome and all events are free, whatever one wishes to donate is secondary.

Imagine: People living together, in the spirit of generosity, beauty and working for the benefit of all, a space for the community to practice and come together socially.

A central focus is the practice of Tea Ceremony and Meditation, which we believe dramatically heightens one’s sensibility and appreciation of Truth – how reality really is, not what we think it is.

Buddhist in inspiration, but everyone is welcome to our events.

Next retreat: Tea and Meditation (Men’s retreat) with Sona, 30th may – 3rd june.

There will be a program of weekly and monthly events and residential retreats (sleeps up to 10 people once fully renovated), once a beautiful space is made, we wish to use it!

The building is a lovely house (in need of renovation work) in Brighton on whitehawk hill (just over the royal sussex hospital), very quiet, with dramatic sea views, lots of sunlight and green.

Current state of work

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The community spaces

Main Shrine and Tea Room

We aim to create one of the most beautiful spaces this part of the world has ever seen.

This would be used as the main room for organized events, can hold up to 15 people (20 if we squeeze).

Community Tea and Meditation Cabin and Sangha Garden

The cabin will be available to members of the community at all times for the practices of meditation and tea ceremony, and generally for hanging out with likeminded people.
The cabin is set in the middle of a large garden, with both space for lounging in the sun and more iconic features (in the style of a Zen Garden, with water features, art sculptures, Buddhist shrines/rupas and beautiful plants).

The property was chosen specifically for having one of the area’s largest gardens.

Kitchen / Dining / Lounge

The social hub of the house, used for the more social part of events (when weather doesn’t permit staying in the garden).

In addition to 3 bedrooms, the community will also feature a large studio to offer extra sleeping capacity for holding retreats.
When not in use for retreats, we will welcome guests (a stay with Tea ceremony and Meditation classes will be offered to the general public).

Sky room

View from the second floor, it will be even more amazing from one floor up!

The house being on top of a hill, a loft conversion would create another amazing meditative space.
Dramatic sea views over brighton, mixed outside and inside space for the most aesthetic setting possible for tea ceremony.
The sky room is for a second phase of renovation.

Help us build the realm of beauty!



Practical help

We will need a massive amount of help from the community, particularly with building work and gardening but there’s surely a way to help whoever you are.
Shoot us an email now at paolo@paolomaffei.it



This page is kept as an archive only, we’re now at Enlightenment Tea – School of Sacred Tea Arts and Awakening Brighton